Wide spectrum of classic and high performance organic pimgents for use in printing inks, plastic masterbatches, paints & coatings.

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High quality inorganic pigments for use in paints & coatings,plastic color concentrates,printing inks,etc.

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Various dyestuffs including dispserse dyes, reactive dyes, solvent dyes are widely used in coloring textiles, papers and wood.

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Ultra fine pigment and dyestuff dispersions are used in digital inkjet inks, sublimation inks, paints and coatings.

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MN Colors is a professional manufacturer and supplier of pigments,dyestuffs and dispersions. MN Colors is dedicated in supplying high quality organic pigments, inorganic pigments, dyestuffs and color dispersions to the industries.

MN Colors serves color industries with high quality and cost saving products. We welcome customers around the world to establish long term business relationship.


  • “MN Colors is dedicated in supplying various pigments,dyestuffs and dispersions with high quality and competitive prices.” - Jin Qian , Managing Director