HP Colors
High performance pigments

High performance organic and inorganic pigments for printing inks,plastic masterbatches,color concentrates,paints and coatings.

High Quality Dyestuffs

High quality acid dyes,direct dyes,disperse dyes,reactive dyes,solvent dyes,vat dyes for dyeing textile fibers,papers and leather products.

Pigment Chips & Dispersions

Pigment preparations,pigment chips and pigment dispersions for ready-to-use applications of printing inks,paints and coatings.

Latest News
REACH Compliant Pigments From HP Colors

HP Colors pigments are REACH compliant with full REACH registration.

Thermochromic Pigments

Two types of thermochromic pigments have been added to HP Colors' products.

Micronized Iron Oxide Pigments

HP Colors' micronized iron oxide pigments are supplied to masterbatch and paint industries.